ad campaign

I have chosen to do a reverse engineer on the snicker’s ad-campaign, “You’re not You when You’re hungry.”  I chose this ad because it looked fun to do.  You’ll see eight slides, that break down what’s happening in this ad.  I then have an ad that I put together, utilizing these same attributes, seeming to be part of the campaign.  Here’s the original ad, You can also download the multi-page pdf of this project by clicking campaign


You’ll notice a very wild zebra chasing a lion in his great hunger, accompanied with the slogan, “You’re not You when You’re hungry.”



I would first point out that the design here is very unique in placing very little text, and a small logo way off to the bottom right.  They are saying here that the image is the focus.  They are confident in humor of the ad bringing You’re attention to the logo and slogan, and in fact, You really can’t look at this ad, and not be drawn from the image down to the slogan to see what it says…very well thought out.


We see that snickers has its own font, and I was actually able to find the ‘snickers’ font online and download it to use, however the white text in the slogan does not share the same slant or italic attributes as the logo text.  I chose to use a slanted version for My ad, and for the comments on the reverse engineer.


You’ll notice in a good look at the colors, that the image holds very earthy, bright at the top, fading to darker shades at the bottom.  You’ll notice the text really does pop against the the darker background and thus They didn’t use any stroke or drop-shadowing.


I really was fortunate to find a zebra with the same ‘lighting’ attributes as the original image, as it appears to be overcast, or late afternoon.  I pulled the characters out and got the background clean with photoshop.  I really wanted to use the same background to accentuate the campaign focus, and it only made sense with the context of the ad.  Anyone who had seen the original would know the context.  I was worried about Those first-time Viewers, but this was specifically for Those who had already seen the first ad.  I did have to make an executive decision on the background where the assignment called for dimensions of 10×7 inches.  I know this ad was for a magazine size print, so I had to make a call on the sizing.  I could have cropped the original for this assignment, where the top half of the page contained only sky, but I thought in best to utilize the canvas size required for the assignment and just insert the image over a sky background.  I know this wouldn’t be the case if We were printing at this these dimensions, but for these purposes and being able to still comply with the requirements of having it on that size of a background, I thought it best just to utilize the original dimensions and place it within the required canvas size. I also, thought the logo should go above the candy bar, and put the text in the real-estate above to utilize that space, and the zebra actually looks like he’s looking up at it.  I found this assignment fun and have learned much about the adobe products and capabilities in communications.


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