creative advertisement

I must admit, this assignment was a challenging one.  We are now into Our 11th week of the semester and this is one of two major point assignments that We have left.  I feel the weight of pass or fail upon the graphical shoulders of this assignment.  I must say that I enjoyed having a plethora of video instruction to guide Me, but I’ll be the first to vouch for ‘exception handling’, as a cit Major might say.  It is good when it’s going good, but if You get off a little bit with sizing and layers and clipping and organization of media, it can be a nightmare to get things to come together.  I must share, that the videos to guide Us are great, but if Our workspace or program does something funny on Us, it can be very difficult to get it where We need it, and with that shared, let Us focus on the great fun and experience that was had during this assignment.


My target audience was those middle-aged House-Wives who know about whisks.  They cannot be fooled by imitation and I believe that They also take kindly, most of Them, to kitty-kats.  I therefore, went with the well decorated eating area that most of these Women would appreciate.  I know that many middle aged Women take Their kitchenware very seriously, and I thought I might make Them chuckle a little, as a little humor will stick with a Person.

I basically played on the word whisk.  One who whisks is therefore a whisk’er.  One’s instruments for whisking thereby becomes  ‘whisk-ers’.  My cats have all had whiskers, and I thought making some light humor on that word play would resonate with My target audience.

I used the smart shopper inside of all of Us by calling upon Those who recognize a good instruments worth.  I even, according to the requirements, call to action, My audience in trusting Their ‘whisk-ers’ just as a cat must trust theirs.  I even planted the seed that ‘experts’ would know the need for reliable whisk-ers, and do something about it.

I also outline that this assignment requires two different mediums for this advertisement.  I first made the larger, half-page magazine ad, and then reduced for the web-based advertisement.  I had to make a few tough decisions on what to keep in the web-add, as it is a bit smaller.  I chose to leave out the to phrase about some of Us (identifying with My audience) care about a good whisk.  I thought that largely, whisks are underappreciated, and this would be a good opportunity to enlighten, and relate to Those who do care about Their cookware.  I thought this might even bring forth a sense of camaraderie with Those who do care about Their kitchen utensils, and even create a bit of bias that there is a group of People out there who use good whisks, and thus a community effect for Those who would choose the quality of Our brand.creative_ad_web

You’ll notice above that I didn’t include the introduction phrase about Us who care about quality, comparing Us to Our feline friends.

I would point out that I used a few different images here, and these were open-source images found through google, and should not infringe upon any legal rights.  I actually crafted the whiskers logo from a whisk logo found through google images and then added the ‘ers at the end to make it ‘whiskers’.  I found the kitty as a png, which helped get it into the ad holding the whisk that I would place later, but it only forced Me into putting it onto a white background to get it to show-up properly.  I thought also that leaving out the bottom-right of the surrounding rectangle would add a unique style that I debated between leaving, as I do not want it looking like a mistake.  I found it difficult, but all worked together for the overall design.  I did decide to go with a drop-shadow to bring out the text, and in the pdf, it kind of puts a light pink haze onto the text, helping the room and text to glow, and I think a lot of Middle aged Women would receive it well.  I tried to use a good contrast in text, and thought that the two texts and sizes were fair in their complement of each other.

I have enjoyed the progress of this project and have become more familiar with a program I am sure to be using a lot of in the future.  Any who would like to critique and provide useful feedback are welcome, and I’ll look forward to My next project.


-Dennis W Paulsen Jr


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