I have created this blog as a collegiate assignment to create an effective icon set using adobe illustrator.  I have created these icons for My web-site: ‘Tutorshares.com’.  the site is directed towards education and learning.  I have created these icons with that in mind, and with that target audience.  I have posted above the 6×9 image created in illustrator, and then have taken each of the images and placed them on a board of 60px by 60px, to create individual images that have a transparent background, as shown:

I have shown briefly that each of these icons has a unique representation.  I think it only good design to have icons stand independant in Our minds and be easy to understand.  I speak for Myself in that if I’m on a site, or using a program that has icons that are unclear, or unparallel, then it speaks to the unprofessionality of that entity.

You will see that for the web, I have created these images in 400 x 400 pixel images, and from the beginning, I have known that I was designing for the web, so I have started with a web-safe color scheme at paletton.com.  I think a slideshow is a good way to show these for the web, but I’m taking a pdf for My assignment submission, so I can’t use the slide-show feature for this particular post, which would be the best way to demonstrate 400 pixel images on the screen.  I’m thinking that pdf’s will someday have that capability if they don’t already, but when I printed the pdf, the slideshow did not show up.  well, room for improvement, right.

field of study
country of origini

I share that each of these six icons represents a clear and single message and is My own artwork done in illustrator.  I have included no text, gradients, drop shadows, pixels, raster effects, and any symbol-type characters are for clarity, though some would say that the flag is symbolic, or a Student for that matter.  yet, I have avoided ‘symbol’ type illustration.  I hope that these icons will appear as button-ish and should have gloss-type shine at smaller sizes.  I would have thought a slight variant in the ‘main’ colors of each button running cross-wise would add more depth, but in this instance where I thought I would use them at smaller sizes, I think they’re best with the contrasts that are there.  finally, here’s the 6 inch by 9 inch board of these icons.


You’ve now seen the whole of the icon set and in each form that’s required for the assignment.  I welcome any feedback and/or criticisms, as I can use those to improve the work.


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